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Question Steins;Gate Mayuri Cosplay (Help!!)

I need a little bit of help in making a Mayuri from Steins;Gate cosplay~

I just don't know where to begin ^.^" I'm fairly good at sewing sleeves and ruffles like the piece on her chest, though I'm not to sure about the dresses shape. See, it's puffy and lose naturally, and I was thinking of using poly-cotton but I'm not too sure.
Also, I've never made a hat before :S Especially not a floppy hat like she has...So how would I go about making the hat? I want it to be frilly, but not limp when worn, and using something like wire or cardboard seems impractical, or rather I don't think it will work, but I don't know...

So, to sum it up-
1. What material should I use?
2. How would I go about making the dress puffy yet limp?
3. How would I go about making the hat in general? Never made a hat, though have made a beanie.

Links to tutorial's are much appreciated, advice from people who've made Mayuri's cosplay or a a similar one as well as any suggestions are also appreciated!! Thanks
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