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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
So now I am super sick. My throat hurts really badly and I can barely speak without it being painful. But Jiji will not calm the hell down at all this morning. I was laying back in bed after Brando left for work and I spent the last hour trying to get him out from a pile of clothes he was climbing on, chasing him away from things he can't climb on, and he just kept running around back to whatever I got him away from in the first place. I have the spray bottle and he'll run off when I take it out but he'll always wander back over and I have to chase him off again.

Finally I ended up spritzing him with the bottle and he took off under the bed, came up the other side, took a jump up to the window where the blinds where pulled down, got stuck in the blinds, wiggled free, and broke part of the blinds.


He finally calmed down when I got out of bed and sat on the sofa. But when I am in the room trying to sleep he's like flipping out running all over the place.
Brando probably gave him catnip before he left for work lol. Can't blame the cat though, he's in a new place and has a loving home, I'd be super excited and running around all over the place too.

Originally Posted by OtakuSpark View Post
iTunes is being a bitch and a half about working with albums with various artists. I put all of my Vocaloid music into a huge 560 song album simply called "Vocaloid". But when I put it on my new iPod, it makes a separate album for each artist on the Vocaloid album. One more reason I despise iTunes.
iTunes is funny like that. Playlists usually work better for that sort of thing.
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