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Originally Posted by claudillama View Post
Im new to cosplay photography and from one photographer to another i would like to know how much time you put on editing your photos! What editing technique do you use. I just started and i seem to go over board when im editing my photos! Looking through some cosplay photography, it seems that there isnt much going on, other then contrast and lighting. Maybe there is much more then i think, but what about when you have hundreds of photos to edit, what all do you do... I hope i didnt sound confusing!
Well photo editing varies from person to person. Photo editing is complex enough to be considered its own medium, like photomanipulation. Some photographers use it as just a touch up tool to compliment their photography. Most people would fall between the 2. I personally recommend starting with using it just to touch up things and as your skill develops you can experiment more with it. Feel free to take a look through my gallery. I think it shows a clear progression of skill and editing over the course of the last few years. I like to use because they have a casual webcast where they introduce different simple tips and tricks for you to use. Over the course of time, all of these different techniques will start to add up and will enable you to do great things. Their quick tutorials tend to be more on the creative side or give creative ways of solving classic problems.

If you like the manner in which they teach, then join You have to pay monthly for Kelby Training, but what I like to do is join for a month then watch all of their tutorials from professionals all over the industry, then quit for a few months until they've gained enough new videos to merit signing up again. I'm a really big fan of kelby training because they are consistent in the terminology and diction they use and really allow you to gain an understanding of what's happening. Most other tutorial sites just say "Do this, then do this, then highlight this, then do this, and you're done." Like Nathan said, sometimes these techniques won't work for every image, but with Kelby, they actually explain to you why they use the tools and techniques they do and explain why they are better than other methods. This gives you much more insight on how photoshop works and which tools to use in certain situations.
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