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Originally Posted by claudillama View Post
How long did it take you to get comfortable in editing, and do you have any tutorials out there i can see how you do your editing.
I have been doing photo editing for over ten years. I don't know what you mean by "comfortable", but I just do the best I can with what I know. Maybe it is about striving to improve, and appreciating any improvements we make. I still wish I knew more than I do, so, maybe it is not about being comfortable. Learning skills is a journey, rather than a destination, so I might feel similar as you do now. I want to know more, and be better than I am now. I learned mostly by playing with Photoshop, just seeing how each feature affects the images. It is often a matter of how much you move the sliders to achieve an effect you like, since moving them too much can bring some undesirable results.

I don't have any tutorials available at this time, other than some relatively short posts in these forums of tidbits.

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