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Originally Posted by Stephishness View Post
I'll be at Katsu as Orihime at least half the time. Parts of it I'll be post-time-skip school uniform and others I'll (hopefully) be in a Kigurumi of my own secret special design ;D. Don't worry though, it'll definitely be Bleach relevant.

I do also have to be Sebastian to my friend's Ciel part of the con though, so I wont be dressed as her all weekend.
Hi there! ^_^
Yeah, I'm the one who's gonna be her Ciel for part of the weekend. I REALLY wanna do a Bleach cosplay of timeskip Momo......buuuut it would take me some time to make the Shinigami uniform top and hakama. Although, I don't really want to have to make the hakama if I don't have to. I could possibly try making the top tho. I have a good idea of what I want to do I just don't have the materials. :P Damn! Need to go to the fabric store again and I said I wouldn't anymore! T_T
WELL, if there is a Formal Ball this year, which I assume there will be, I'll be Momo in a dress. ^^
Soooo Even if I can't get a cosplay together in time, I can still tag along and shoot some pics, right? It's fun to actually get the chance to take pictures! Sometimes I don't get to
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