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Originally Posted by Mykaios View Post
Has anyone else stepped on their scale today XD? Because I did and was like "asdfghkl;"
I don't own a scale.

I like to try and avoid things that will trigger me into starving myself again.

Speaking of food.
I sneezed so hard I think my ear popped and my tongue did that weird painful thing where it rolls against the roof of your mouth as you sneeze. So then you just get a worse sore throat and you're like "TONGUE Y U DO DAT".

So I got some ice cream but I couldn't find clean spoons. Like I know logically they're all dirty but I cannot seem to understand why we don't have clean spoons. So I halfheartedly cleaned the first spoon I found; it was used to eat chicken and dumpling soup.

Now I am sadly eating Michigan Black Cherry ice cream with a half-crusty spoon while reflecting on my life choices.
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