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Anime North 2013 hotel help

Hi i'll be cosplaying at AN13 as Yoruichi from Bleach. I went to my first con on may. I went to AN12 on a Saturday which was sooooo awesome!! I want to go 3 days and i want to stay at a hotel. But i have no money. ( I'm a broke 13 yr old ;3. I really want to stay at a hotel room but my family thinks it's too... well idk they said no. I never went to a hotel before. I think it would be great. So i was wondering on how to get others to come to the hotel with you. Any suggestions? It would be great if you guys helped me
Iv'e been wanting to cosplay as Maka Albarn. Does anyone know if there's a reasonable website and i also need help on the wig and the contacts. If anyone cosplayed Maka, can you please help me? ;3; onegai. lol I need help now xD
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