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Originally Posted by sarahluvbird View Post
Hi i'll be cosplaying at AN13 as Yoruichi from Bleach. I went to my first con on may. I went to AN12 on a Saturday which was sooooo awesome!! I want to go 3 days and i want to stay at a hotel. But i have no money. ( I'm a broke 13 yr old ;3. I really want to stay at a hotel room but my family thinks it's too... well idk they said no. I never went to a hotel before. I think it would be great. So i was wondering on how to get others to come to the hotel with you. Any suggestions? It would be great if you guys helped me
I started going to Anime North at 14 and only started staying in a hotel at 16, with my close friend's mom and other adults staying in the room with us. If your parents or family members aren't willing to accompany you, you may want to consider organizing a carpool with friends, if you live close enough for it to be a viable option. Otherwise, I really don't advise trying to go against your parents' wishes at that age. They have your safety in mind.

And if you have no money, uh, good luck getting a free hotel.
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