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Touhou - Reimu Hakurei Cosplay~!

Ello~ I'm selling this Reimu cosplay (made by Bodyline) which includes Reimu's bows which were commissioned by someone in coscom. USD $65

I only wore this cosplay for a few hours at a con. The reasons why I'm selling this beloved cosplay is because I've lost weight so it fits me loose, and I've cut my hair short too >.<

Measurements: Its in size Bodyline 2L which fitted me as a bust-92cm, waist-77cm, and hips-106cm. I believe its maximum measurements are a bust-100cm max, waist- Waist 72 to 108cm and the hips are free since at the skirt's waist is elastic so it's stretchy

More detailed pics are at this link~ :3
Please comment or PM me if interested or if you have any questions~ thank you~ 1
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