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I'm A-OK with it, and I don't understand the people who think that you must have an undying love for your character to have the right to cosplay them. I don't watch Bleach, although I really want to do an Ulquiorra (if I spelled that right?) cosplay, just because I LOVE his character design.

Despite the fact that I've now been infected with a love for Young Justice, before I was, the friend who infected me had planned to do an Artemis Crock cosplay, but she has this aversion to cosplaying any character without having someone else in the group cosplay a character from the same series, so I agreed to do Miss Martian only on the premise that she's green and she has a cape. The only aversion I would have to people who cosplay outsidie of fandoms they're interested in is that they may not know a lot about their character, since now that I've watched Young Justice, I know that Miss Martian really wouldn't be my first choice personality-wise (And I would have done Zatanna Zatara had I picked it XD) But again, personal choices!
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