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Originally Posted by nikkiolie View Post
Thank you so much :3

The necklace is just hollow pvc pipes that I got at Home Depot and I poured gold paint on the inside. The red gem is resin with food coloring in it. They have gem molds at a craft store near me. The bracelets are just plastic bangles taped together on the inside and pained gold. I got all 20 of them from a Halloween store online for about $7
Oh wow! I am glad I asked! I used pvc pipes before, but I never thought of pouring gold paint on inside, thats why I scrapped the project I used them for because I couldn't get the paint look nice, lol. And they are flexible enough to get in and out of? Or you did some sort of closure on the back? And man - plastic bangles look great - also, taping them together is probably easier than glueing - its the little, simple things that make stuff work in the end. Thanks for sharing!
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