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The first time I stayed at a hotel for a con AX 2009, we went "grocery shopping" because our room came with a fridge. We saw a deal 10 lunchables for $10, and decided this would be the most affordable way to eat during con. For 4 days I mostly ate these (with a couple snacks thrown in) plus all the running I did, by the last day I really shouldn't have drove home as it wasn't safe. I got home and my mom takes one look at me and my eyes are yellow, I can barely function. I picked up some fast food on the way home as I was starving, but could only stomach about 1/3 of the meal. I went to my room and crashed around 7pm woke up around 10am the next day. Had a bowl of cereal in the morning and eased my self back into food. About halfway through the day I started feeling better and the yellow in my eyes had gone down.

Needles to say I never did that diet again, and take a lot better care of myself at cons.
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