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Talis- haha glad that someone knows the suffering!! Haha!

Also guys. Or at least for right now anyone interested in Cosplaying Asuna. I've been putting together references of each of her outfits in the anime. Trying to get screen caps of everything. I'm eventually going to put them on tumblr but I thought I'd share here first. Maybe they'll help you figure out the costumes? I'm still working on them but I have 4 so far. Here's what I have (Just click the name to see the pic also I don't know what everyone else is calling them but the names on here are my nicknames for them) :

Kobold Fight (this is the one I'm probably doing for Megacon next March)

Things to know: I couldn't get a clear shot of the boots but red (matching the rest of her outfit) would probably be your best bet. I also think they had a small heel? You can watch episode 2 "Beater" to see them. All the sequences that show them she's moving too much and I couldn't get a clear shot.

Lake House

Things to know: Pretty straight forward costume really. Not much to say about it.

Home Outfit

Things to know: umm this one pretty much speaks for itself too. Only thing that's hard to see is the bow on the back for that ribbon belt thing

Early Knights of the Blood Oath

Things to know: The boots for this one and the boots she wears in the lake house one are almost the same thing (they look almost exactly alike as far as I can tell). You could probably get away with having the same boots for both

That's all I have so far. Feel free to use them if you need them. Getting ready to work on her more popular costume which is probably going to take a lot longer (UGH THOSE DETAILS X.x) enjoy~
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