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refund received

I finally received my refund this past Friday, 12/21/2012. Carlos refunded the full $263.95. I will be updating my review soon to reflect this, but I want to collect my thoughts about the situation first.

This refund happened after 3 very serious developments:

1) My lawyer contacted Carlos and advised that this would become a legal issue if something wasn't done to remedy the situation.
2) Yaya Han contacted Carlos as well, because his actions were obviously affecting her reputation as well.
3) The head honcho at Florida Super Con 2013 was notified of what Carlos was doing, and from what I understand he discussed the situation with Carlos also.

Before these things happened, Carlos had been ignoring my emails and inquiries for three months straight. Within a week of these other people getting involved, Carlos posted on his page explaining that he'd had personal issues and that the corsets would be sent out soon. Within 3 weeks of that post, Carlos refunded my money. Carlos has been very inconsistent with his account of what happened (I have an email from him dated 09/07/12 saying he had all the materials for the corsets, but now he is saying he only got the materials a few weeks ago) and it does not seem likely that the complete story will emerge any time soon.

I have kept an eye on Rage Custom Creations' FB page. The corsets have not yet been delivered. I still would not recommend Rage Custom Creations to anyone. I still feel like I gave Carlos an interest-free loan for nearly five months, and that bothers me. I am irritated by the fact that I had to involve my lawyer (who also happens to be my dad), because the average person doesn't have a lawyer who will help them in situations like this. I was fortunate to have that connection.

However, the situation has been resolved and I can now move on. I'm glad I got the refund. Thank you to everyone who offered advice and especially to those who helped bring this matter to resolution.
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