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Originally Posted by tipsd9video View Post
I really like this idea! Looking forward to it ^^
Originally Posted by Anagon View Post
that's a really cool cosplay idea meifl0wer
[has a stroke and dies]

wow THANK YOU SO MUCH I have been silently waiting for the past ten days or so slaving away at craft foam hoping someone would say that to me omg

I'm so happy you guys think so wow I am honest-to-god grinning like a fool haha comments like yours are the primary reason why I love cosplaying hands down

@tipsd9video I'm really honored to be part of this project haha if you have the time please let me treat you to coffee or something I think you're taking on a really neat project here
@Anagon same to you haha if we run into each other Saturday, please let me buy you Starbucks or something haha omg

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