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ALA Newbie Questions

Hey All,

So, I've never been to an Anime Event before, only to broader-base Comic cons. Read some of the threads here, hoping someone could give me a little more insight to see if it'd be worth it for me to make the trip.

I can see it's not exclusively Anime, lots of groups for other stuff, but is the Dealer Hall and main convention site worth it if one does not know much about Anime? I know some, but I'm pretty ignorant about most. It seems like the cool stuff is happening at the pool area of the hotel. Can one get to the pool area without buying a badge for ALA, or is that 'frowned' upon?

On a personal note, based on the average anime congoer, would one of my current (Simpsons) costumes be relatively popular, or should I try out my new 9th Doctor cosplay? =)

Thanks for the help.
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