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Marvel/DC Universe Gathering 2013

Didn't think it was possible but it felt like the 2012 Marvel/DC Gathering did even better than the first gathering in 2011. Turnout certainly felt bigger and the conditions were better compared to 2011 with the unexpected rain. I'm proud to announce that the gathering will be back for 2013, so for those of you that are a little new to this, any incarnation of Marvel or DC character, be it based on their appearance from the comics/video games/TV shows/movies are all welcome here. Hope to see all those from 2012 return and welcome all newcomers for 2013.

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day: Saturday
Time: 1pm
MP&L: G6 = "The SLAB" (outside the Cosplayer Hangout where the 60+ gatherings for 2012 were)

List of attending (So far)

Marvel Universe
bahamutknightzero - Psylocke *via Fanime forums*
demetria656 - Wiccan (Young Avengers version) *via Fanime forums*
onnabugeisha - Lady Sif *via Fanime forums*
lovelessneko - Loki (Playboy bunny version) *via Fanime forums*
DangerHeart - Agent Coulson (Lady version) *via Fanime forums*
DangerHeart's friend #1 - Hawkeye (Fem version) *via Fanime forums*
DangerHeart's friend #2 - Thor (Lady version) *via Fanime forums*
ministrychick77 - Deadpool *via Fanime forums*
Chaye - Hulk (Sailor Scout version)
Dustysurfer - Thor *via Deviantart*
amandald98 - Tony Stark (Fem version) *via Fanime forums*
LadyCasanova - Loki (Lady version) *via Fanime forums*
AkiraxYagami - Loki (Female version) *via Fanime forums*
Volitionary - Ms Marvel
TronCat - TOP SECRET *via Fanime forums*
totorolover - Spider Girl (Venom version)
totorolover's husband - Spider-man (Venom version)
totorolover's child - Spider-man
Lexy - Psylocke *via Fanime forums*
dreamseerX - Ms. Marvel *via Fanime forums*
long-lost-wolf - Loki *via Fanime forums*
Jesse Uppercut - Bruce Banner (original comic version) *via Fanime forums*
shy-cosplayer - Ant-Man *via Fanime forums*
Janan326 - Iron Man *via Fanime forums*
YaoiCat - Hawkeye (Sailor Scout version) *via Fanime forums*
YaoiCat's friend #1 - Hulk (Sailor Scout version) *via Fanime forums*
YaoiCat's friend #2 - Iron Man (Sailor Scout version) *via Fanime forums*
Eliteslayer - Doctor Nemesis *via Fanime forums*
Mizuko_Arashimoto - Shadowcat *via Fanime forums*
Kimbo_Slice - Taskmaster *via Fanime forums*
DeadlyWings - Hulkling (Children's Crusade hero outfit) *via Fanime forums*
DeadlyWings' friend - Wiccan (Children's Crusade hero outfit) *via Fanime forums*
Mizuno Hadouken - Iron Man (Mk VII armor)
Qwark - Loki (Sailor Scout version) *via Fanime forums*
Qwark's friend - Thor (Sailor Scout version) *via Fanime forums*
stickykill - Thor

DC Universe
Persona3Guy - Nightwing (Young Justice version) *via Fanime forums*
HarryHadouken - Green Lantern (Alan Scott version) *via Fanime forums*
michibeloved - Catwoman (Arkham City version) *via Fanime forums*
ICosplayNeji - Robin (90s Young Justice version) *via Fanime forums*
GraviTiger - Superboy (90s Young Justice version) *via Fanime forums*
RubyMoonthe3rd - Bane *via Fanime forums*
Skw3rlch4n - Riddler (Female version) *via Fanime forums*
Skw3rlch4n's friend - Riddler *via Fanime forums*
jtran961 - Green Arrow (Arrow version) *via Fanime forums*
jtran961's friend - Deathstroke (Arrow version) *via Fanime forums*
fightforjustice - Jason Todd/Red Hood *via Fanime forums*
fightforjustice's friend - Deathstroke *via Fanime forums*
CaptainLiHellsing - Tala *via Fanime forums*
DrTights - Deathstroke
megamarine - Red Hood (New 52 version)
Tenleid - Starfire (New 52 version)
Mkamzng1 - Static Shock
Mkamzng1's girlfriend - Blue Lantern

Undecided/Maybe Universe
Sunara Ishi - Huntress ('94 version) *via Fanime forums*
Fashwiing - Lance Alvers (X-Men Evolution version) *via Fanime forums*
Fashwiing's friend - Kitty Pride (X-Men Evolution version) *via Fanime forums*
superninjaduck - Rogue or Ms. Marvel *via Fanime forums*
jobiberry - Harly Quinn (Arkham Asylum version) *via Fanime forums*
Janan326 - Iron Man *via Fanime forums*
theophenes - Doctor Nemesis or Arcade *via Fanime forums*
limDsage - Punisher *via Fanime forums*
Freight - Luke Cage

Photo Order
Marvel and DC (ALL)
Marvel vs DC
Marvel Characters
DC Characters
Heroes Only
Villains Only
Male Characters
Female Characters

UPDATE (5/9/13) Updated cosplayers list
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