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I see no problem there, not even with awkward fanbase interactions, unless it bothers you.

There are so many tr00 fans of this or that who just can't get in character. Often because they can't get past their OTP or fandom portrayals of the character, therefore turning an interesting char into a gushing uke or a one-liner-throwing cool guy, completely dismissing character depth and anything but the weirdest perks. Then again, some big fans of a show might cosplay only because they like to craft, having no intention to roleplay or interact with their fandom even if they know their series inside out.
Awkward moments may happen to these fan cosplayers just as well, because not everyone likes the same pairings, or because some just expect every cosplayer to want to act in-character.

So no, don't be worried about cosplaying something you don't really know, unless you're afraid of awkward social situations.
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