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Originally Posted by StarsCASSiOPEiA View Post
I'll keep watching, then! I've been considering crossplaying Kirito (especially if he gets an outfit upgrade or something, because my cosplay gallery is basically how elaborate can I get on this budget). This should definitely be a thing, though! (Maybe we'll find a nice northeastern con to check out together?) I already love Kirito's personality-- he's a good guy, but he's got this dark side and some nerve to him that I find really interesting.

Yep! She's only 4 1/2 years younger than me, so she's not really all that little, but that feeling still comes up. She fell asleep on my shoulder watching a movie the other day, and then just wound up basically curling into a ball in my lap. She's so cute. ;n;
That would be so much fuuunnnn! And yeah. I'm 99% sure that I'll be able to find people to go to cons with in college, so that's not too big of an issue!
I totally agree about Kirito, too.
And he and Asuna are an adorable couple.

Awwwww!! Haha she sounds adorable! And that age difference is actually the same as my older brother and me. XD
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