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Unhappy Cast breaking....

I have never in my life as a proud Otaku imagined I'll be so depressed over something related to cosplays, I've never thought I would...until my Soul Eater cast broke.
It wasn't MY cast, it was a cast I was a part of, but there was no "Mine, his, hers" in this cast, everyone expressed their opinions freely and we all became best friends. But, what can a girl do...People started dropping out of the cast....Not everyone were as happy as I thought, and eventually so many people dropped out until we had to break the cast.
Shortly after, we decided to reunite the cast, but some of the members won't be there (refused to come back or got kicked out because of rude behaviour) . There's nothing in my life I want more than reunite this cast, but if it didn't work the 1st time, why would it work now? We don't even know what to do... People dropped out without giving us explanations ! I thought we were a really good cast, we treated each other with respect and declared that we are willing to do everything to help each other, some really deep friendships came out of this cast, and now...what?
That's it, I just wanted to share it with you guys, wonder if I'm the only one with that feeling...
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