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Originally Posted by Debitto_of_Bond View Post
Glad to be of help in some form x3. As for ordering online, eBay is actually kinda good for this sort of thing. There's even an estimated delivery date for when your product will arrive, obtaining it fairly soon you might have time to fix it up if need be. From what I've seen of Momo's new look is more so the hair accessory than anything, the hair is pretty easy to fix up (Especially if you have darkish hair so YAY for Wigless cosplay)
This may sound silly but some things that bother me about the pre-made Shinigami uniform is the white around the collar and sleeves and the variations of pleating on the Hakama. It shouldn't be a big deal but I'm very fine-tuned to detail.....I'm not OCD, it's just some things that I've noticed. I guess at least the collar and sleeves could be fixed if there was ever a problem. *shrug*
Hahaha actually, her hair in timeskip is actually the haircut I have now so yeah, that's why I figured I'd go with her character to cosplay. ^_^
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