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Hey guys!
I'm Rachel. I live in Pittsburgh, but go to boarding school in North Carolina.

I go to Kurikiiro, Tekkoshocon (not this year cause of school), Stellarcon (NC), Steel City Con, and Zenkaikon.

I cosplay Bane, Robin, Black Widow, Merida, and Black Canary.

I am so willing to do photoshoots and plan out group outfits. My friend is flying in for Zenkaikon and we have two sets of cosplays. Batman and Robin (or Bane, I do either one) and Robin and Raven (from Teen Titans). We are open to other cosplays as well. I can talk to her about have a ROTG group for one of the days for Zenkaikon.

Cosplay Page: facebook/RachieCosplay

"Never,ever let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. The sky's the limit. Your sky. Your limit. Now. Let's dance."
~Tom Hiddleson
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