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Getting overwhelmed with everything I need to do and buy and such, and my next con isn't even until June!
I've a hundred extra dollars and I kind of want to use it on other things, but then I remember that I need to buy a new chest binder, which will likely be around 50 after shipping taxes.
But...If I can find a website to sell my old binder then I can hope to cover the cost of it, hopefully.
And I need to find my two extra wigs, I hope one of them sells for enough to cover Ritsuka's ears and maybe I can get enough off the other one to, to...Hopefully cover my thrifting expenses or the supplies I need to make my faucet pipe.
I have about four months and I'm already all stressed out, I'd hate to see how bad it's going to get when I have even less time. Hopefully though, once I get everything together and sorted out, I won't need to actually buy anything cosplay related for the year. My upcoming cons are all too close together for me to afford more cosplay, it's going to be tight enough to come up with hotel and con money.
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