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Originally Posted by KennyCiel View Post
Getting overwhelmed with everything I need to do and buy and such, and my next con isn't even until June!

And I need to find my two extra wigs, I hope one of them sells for enough to cover Ritsuka's ears and maybe I can get enough off the other one to, to...Hopefully cover my thrifting expenses or the supplies I need to make my faucet pipe.
Hey, I got my ears for Ritsuka on Ebay for about 10 dollars and they are extremely nifty. They're clip ins. So if you have 10 dollars to spare, they're well worth the cost. I just did Ritsuka myself.

I don't think I've ever had my dad so excited over a wig as he is over my new Luthien from Arda. He loves my blue wig and thinks it's really pretty.

I got the okay from my parents to get hotel room with friends for Anime Midwest so that's all set and done.

I'm waiting on my refund check so I can pay my commissioner for Kaname and then I'm pretty much all set to go for next year.
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