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Originally Posted by DarkFujin View Post
If you legitimately bought this, that's a pretty good buy. It's pretty hard to find, but I think they may have rereleased it as "Zero Escape: 999: whateveritstandsfor" now because of Virtue's Last Reward.
Yeah, I got it for about $25 on Amazon. XD I heard about the 3DS sequel (at least I think it's a sequel). I've barely started the game because I've had too many others to play, but from what I have played of it I love it so far!

Also, today I spoiled myself with the money I got for Christmas. I got Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Last Specter, and Miracle Mask at Gamestop, and on the Gamestop website I purchase the Diabolical Box. The first one was so good that I had to buy the rest of the series. XD Although it's not a game, I also bought the movie, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. Looks like I'm going through a new phase. o^o;

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