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I'm gonna be a bit blunt, and say you need to slow down.
You're making great progress, but you're sacrificing a lot of the detail that turns a costume from good to great. The shoulder bells particularly are what stopped me.
Plastidip won't hide imperfections. You need to sort those out before you dip them, and definitely before you paint them.
You really need to work on your seams and smooth and fill any imperfections. From what I can see, it really looks like you didn't bother to do any smoothing aside from the initial cutting of the EVA. You didn't even bother going over it again with a sharp knife to smooth out the cuts, let alone sand it down with a high (fine) grit sandpaper?

You really are doing great work, but I don't think you're putting as much patience into it as you should. You're making a costume that could definitely be A-grade if you slowed down and learnt some easy techniques to produce a smoother finish. If you don't know how to go about it, jump over to the props and armour section and post up there. I could name a half dozen users on here who could be priceless help to you.
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