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Originally Posted by jukebox View Post
it's preferred that the cosplayer is Canadian, and that they're willing to do workshops/demos/panels in order to educate and help people learn skills. Expecting to sit at an artist's alley table or autograph table all weekend doesn't cut it. If you don't want to instruct because you're scared of other people becoming talented, ya doin' it wrong. I think that's a great system and completely reasonable expectations of make of your guests who are there for cosplay.
Essentially correct. We do like to try to get Canadian cosplayers, at least every second year. It has often been expressed to me that if Canadian conventions are not promoting our wonderful Canadian cosplayers, who will? Supporting the wonderful Canadian costuming community is very important. We do recognize that fans wish to also see international cosplayers, so switching off from year to year and having cosplayers such as Yaya, (who is terrific with the fans), is our way of trying to remain balanced.

And yes I do lean towards guests willing to teach skills or share knowledge.

I do often invite people based on requests. It doesn't mean they are always interested in coming. It doesn't mean the person who agrees to come is the guest that you or your friends suggested. Often cosplayers tell me they would rather attend a "name" American con than what they consider to be an "unknown" Canadian con. (I hope that Anime North is "unknown" sounds as stupid to you as it does to me.)

We have had requested cosplay guests. They just may not be the ones you personally requested, but other people did. Some requested cosplay guests have not been able to commit due to work or another convention that they would rather attend, but have been willing to keep us in mind. And the requests I get for Anime North to fly guests from other countries just because "OMG I LOVE XXXCOSPLAYER SO MUCH AND WANT TO PROPOSE TO THEM! THEY ARE MY FUTURE HUSBAND/WIFE/SLAVE!!OMGYOUMUSTFLYTHEM TO ME!!!111", those go straight in the trash. Everything else is considered and I keep them on file.

Several of the requested guests will be coming, just on their time line.

We have some very exciting cosplay guests interested in attending Anime North in the next many years. Nobody is going to be happy with everyone, but hopefully you'll enjoy.

There are several workshops to be announced in relation to this year's costuming guest line up including casting and molding workshops and demos so Do-it-yourself cosplayers keep an eye out for the details!

Another note regarding general guests: There are on average 14 anime cons in north america alone the same weekend as Anime North. There are multiple many times as many media/multi/and other fan cons the same weekend. Guests often commit to other cons for some personal preference which is their right or have personal plans on what is a shared long weekend in north america. I face this constantly even with cosplay guests.

TLR = It's impossible to make everyone happy. I do my best. I appreciate your support.

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