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Smile Hello from Houston

I'm probably one of the older cosplayers around here. I'm a 44 year old lady and I cosplay at Comicpalooza here in Houston as well as at San Diego Comic-Con. I've cosplayed Dark Phoenix since 2010 and that really was the fulfillment of a dream!

My husband and I ran the last leg of Course of the Force last year (a relay race to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation from Santa Barbara to San Diego) and I cosplayed as Mara Jade for that.

I also have a Star Trek: TNG medical officer costume. It's an easy, comfortable costume to wear, but it's fun and I think it looks good. Other than that, I've been a Greta from the TV show Chuck (not sure how many people "got" that one) and a very casual rendition of Death from Sandman.

Anyway, I'm hoping to find other cosplayers here in Houston to get to know and maybe do some arts and crafts days with. I know there's a strong anime culture here, but I'd like to find people who are into other types of cosplay, too (comics, TV, movies, etc.).

I look forward to getting to know everyone better!
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