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here are a few things I notice my first con. 1. Water is your best friend.... 2. Make sure you know where all of the food places are within waking distance, The closer places will be more packed and will take more time. 3. Take some time and look at the event list, Find the Events that you want to see. 4. Take a lot of pictures, There are tons of cosplayers, Decorations and other stuff.

I would Strongly suggest cosplaying, Pick you favorite character and try to get it as close as you possibly can. I've seen cosplays that are not the best in the world, but the person cosplaying was having the time of their life.

And about the hotel Room, If you have Some friends that want to get hotel room together, then do it. It just makes that con that much better. Side note, Don't let your Friend touch the thermostat...
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