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Originally Posted by von Drago View Post
Usually historical competition pieces aren't worn in the halls either. They might be worn to the green room from the wearer's room without too much cover-up but generally aren't wandering around all day.
Whether it's the rule for the masquerade or not the surprise factor is a major deal at CCs. Generally the really Wow stuff is saved for onstage and more maneuverable and comfortable outfits are worn during the day while you move around in panels, etc.

So give that some thought - it's pretty neat to surprise everyone, audience and judges.
I understand that some (or many?) people will choose not to wear their masquerade costumes in the halls for the surprise factor. However I was curious to know why there's a rule against it for Fantasy/Sci-Fi and not for historical costumes.

I also get that it's fun to surprise everyone at the masquerade, but since I'm only making 1 costume for the convention and spending hundreds of dollars on it, I just don't want to wear it only for the masquerade and the day after. I guess it's different for everyone, but for me I'd rather wear my costume longer than participating in the masquerade if it means I can't wear it as much.

If Sarcasm-hime hadn't said it's now ok to wear the costumes in the halls before the masquerade, I would have understood and not made a big deal about it, but I'm glad I have the option to enter if I want to.

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