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Originally Posted by StarsCASSiOPEiA View Post
The price of feathers does indeed make me cry.

And this is a hauberk.

Mine still lacks sleeves, but there have been other more pressing projects taking up my time. It takes forever too-- you have to link everything together one ring at a time. *flops over*

I have a feeling our SAO stuff is gonna get expensive too... OTL
Oooooh. Okay. Hauberk is a fun word. :'D
And that's okay. I had wanted to make chain mail for a Link cosplay (plans just kinda fell through) so I kinda sorta know what you're talking about.

It might. ..........for you. I got my Asuna fabric 50% off already, and it's not like *I* have a gigantic sword to make. XDDDD
I love you! <3
Originally Posted by MaiSheri View Post
Vaguely related question for you: I have always been interested in the process of making a plate tutu, but haven't really found much info about it other than it's really hard and take a lot of time and a lot of material. Your tutus look great - I'm wondering where/how you learned and if you'll share?
It's not something I'd just make, especially since I don't dance anymore and don't have any tutu costumes planned, but it's something I've always wanted to add to my theoretical skill set.
Thank you! I actually spent a really long time researching and such. Like, from 2009 up until last summer when I was brave enough to try it. Most of my knowledge comes from They sell a book......that I bought in 2010, but didn't really fully understand until I tried making my own.

Uuuuugghhhh. I think I'm sick. Like, legitimately sick. I spent most of yesterday uncomfortable and FREEZING to death, despite being wrapped in a giant fuzzy blanket and wearing a giant fuzzy jacket.
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