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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
I am in a pretty similar boat to you. Boyfriend works, I try to make money however I can-mostly with selling my artwork the best I can manage. My parents contribute some help to us as part of what they both decided was what they wanted to do for us, and it is cool and all that if you chose to spend your money on something you see is personally worth while-but not all of us will see it as such for our individual circumstances.

We have to keep in mind that others may not value the same things we do or be in the same positions we are in.

To you investing in $30 of makeup might be worth it, but for others like myself that simply isn't in the question.
It's my opinion that makeup is pretty silly to waste money on. I don't value makeup, period.

Why complain about the makeup aisle in wal mart when you can rail against the fact that women seem to think they need makeup?

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