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Originally Posted by DireKitty View Post
It's my opinion that makeup is pretty silly to waste money on. I don't value makeup, period.

Why complain about the makeup aisle in wal mart when you can rail against the fact that women seem to think they need makeup?

/various feminist inspired battle cries here
The makeup selections everywhere ARE something to rally against, it's an enormous example of white-washing in the beauty industry and the prevailing influence of white beauty standards.

We should absolutely be discussing the beauty industry and it's extremely harmful tactics, but part of that discussion should include the effects of selling white beauty to women of color and the complete white-washing of the beauty industry.

If you chose not to participate in 'makeup stuff' that's perfectly fine, but it's unfair to alienate those of us who do. We can participate and enjoy makeup without being some kind of mindless consumer sheep.
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