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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
If you chose not to participate in 'makeup stuff' that's perfectly fine, but it's unfair to alienate those of us who do. We can participate and enjoy makeup without being some kind of mindless consumer sheep.
This. ^ Not to say that the OP meant that, but still.

Also- and this is still not meant to be a retort to DireKitty at all, but rather just an observation of the people in my life at this time- why is it that there are people who think they have more confidence and are better than those who like to wear makeup? I have a couple of friends who fall into that category, and it's quite annoying. =3= I rarely wear makeup to begin with, but sometimes I just feel like wearing makeup. XD Not only is it a means to express oneself, but it can also be something to express effort in appearance, not a shallow lack of confidence as some people like to make it out to be (which it can be for a small handful of people, but not for every person who wants to wear makeup). It's like when someone wears a dress/skirt/formal pants to a dinner party, rather than their oldest pair of jeans. At least, this is just how I perceive why I wear makeup. XD For all I know this doesn't apply to others.

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