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For motivation, I watch videos. Every. Single. Day. I watch videos I've seen dozens of times, because when you do so, some parts that you saw, but never really paid attention to, finally "click." It is sort of like reading the Bible over and over again every year (note: Medhi Hadim, founder of StrongLifts 5x5 recognizes the logic and usefulness of rereading something you "know"--and he's an atheist).

Whenever I feel down, I watch a video that encourages me.

I devour articles and blog posts about people who went through amazing transformations without drugs or surgery.

Finally, some more recommended videos
Fat to fit transformations-- DEBTLTBBrHWJA

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Six Rules of Success-- A

Some random weighlifting video-- DEBTLTBBrHWJA

Will you die a failure? Or a winner?-- DEBTLTBBrHWJA
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