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Originally Posted by songbirdblues View Post
To those who didn't make it, don't get discouraged. They have a lot of entries to select through per issue, but don't give up! I've tried forever to get into this, haha XD
Well, I had tried all except 2 times I think and still not in.
Maybe about time I get a Proper Photoshoot done with my more Camera-savy Garrison Brothers instead of depending on Event Day Photoshoot by friends or random regular Event Photographer. :/

Originally Posted by songbirdblues View Post
Also, submission for Volume 50 is up---though they don't have it posted yet on the front page:
Thanks for the headup
Been checking their Blog everyday (and my Cure Message since I go to Cure everyday anyhow to check latest Entries to my favourite titles cosplay) but strange this Entry haven't been announced yet.

50 Attack on Titan Cosplans,
a few (Saint Seiya) Episode G: Assassin Casual Outfits,
and a Brand New Star Wars Biker Scout Armor!
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