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Originally Posted by Amanita View Post
One reason why I want to avoid corporate workplaces is sexist dress codes- Women have to wear makeup, but men are allowed to get away with having skin like saddle leather. Screw that, it's a sexist expectation. (I have nothing against women who like to wear makeup, but it should be a choice, dammit)

Other places require skirts for women, again, I refuse. A skirt long enough to cover my legs and still be considered a "professional" style would most likely be bad for mobility- tight and constraining. I'm guessing voluminous, loose skirts would be frowned on in such conservative, old fashioned environments. And as for shorter skirts, why the hell should I be obliged to show my legs to anyone if I don't want to? That, and shorter skirts require pantyhose, I HATE pantyhose!
Agreed. XD I could not work somewhere that required me to wear a skirt unless it was literally the only job I could get. I only wear skirts/dresses for cosplay and choir concerts, though I find them very uncomfortable and too revealing for my taste in clothes. ^^; Especially considering that most of the skirts one could find for my age group only go down to the mid-thigh. o^o I don't see why woman can't wear dress slacks if they have a formal job. It's not like I have anything against uniforms with skirts, I just don't like not having another option for the people who don't like wearing skirts.

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