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Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
; Especially considering that most of the skirts one could find for my age group only go down to the mid-thigh.
Find a Macy's, go to their suit department, (esp look for their lovely clearance racks because when they move lines along you can get some good quality pieces for about 75% off) You *can* find good, professional pantsuits or better quality skirts that are not tight & short if that is the clothing needed.

I have worked in the DC area for... well. A long time. I have worn a lotta "professional clothing" and not once did anyone ever say I couldn't wear pants. However, I'm now working for a small private company where I can wear nice jeans about 95% of the time and I have to say I'm loving that. I've seen more people run into trouble with tops than pants/skirts.

I must rant about shoes though. finding good quality COMFORTABLE dressy shoes annoys me to no end. Why must women's shoes be so ridiculous?
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