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Now that it is the holidays and I'm back home home I've been eating whatever my mom's been making. she cooks Shanghainese dishes but i avoid any rice or sweet stuff. Oh how i miss her rice wine.

before going low carb i would be one lazy cook. baked chicken breast with barely any seasoning and brown rice. I got interesting cooking because of low carb so I started making a variety of the dishes. there was a where I bought a 3 pound pack of bacon which lasted for quite a while eating maybe 3 strips of bacon with scrambled eggs .

normally I eat eggs for breakfast prepared in a variety of different styles. scrambled eggs, omelettes, frittata.
or I sometimes eat leftovers from dinner.

for dinner I made meatloaf, chicken breast topped with pizza ingredients, cream soup, broccoli soup, pork chops with caramelized onions, buffalo chicken dip, Chinese broccoli, and a bunch of other stuff.
i usually find things to cook from YouTube foodwishes and Laura Vitalie.

i sometimes don't eat breakfast or lunch depending how my body feels. if I'm at work and I'm a bit hungry I get a salad from the cafeteria.

for morning lectures I usually make sure to have a cup of coffee with half and half. other than coffee I drink water and the occasional alcoholic beverage.

I typed this using a phone so it might be a choppy.
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