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Anime Los Angeles Taco Party!

Hey hey, guess what's back for a second run and better than ever? The TACO PARTY! This year we've spiced things up and have more space, more entertainment for you all to enjoy from games to anime and movies, along with a wonderful atmosphere for socializing and relaxing at the end of the day! And the most important part, TACOS!

This year, instead of buying premade tacos, we have gone out and acquired fresh ingredients for you to come and make your own tacos! Anything from a Taco with all the fixins, to just the meat in the shell! There's even stuff for those of you who prefer to keep it vegetarian as well! And all of this is available for just a donation of anything from a 25 cents to 5 dollars if you want~

So come on up Saturday night after the masquerade. Grab some food, hang with friends, relax and enjoy the night life!

And be sure to like our event on Facebook to keep up with updates in regards to food, games, music, shows and more!
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