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Originally Posted by Nelyra View Post

I already have a lots of cosplay in mind, but i'd like to hear ideas from people around ^.^ I'm 5 ft 6, curvy with blue/greenish/grey eyes. I'm wearing glasses but I could kinda go around without them (i'm thinking in investing in some lenses, tho) I'm very very VERYYYY pale (like, i'm almost purple and we see my veins really easily) and my voice is very deep, so I tend to think more mature/obscure character. Please disregard the hair color since I change it almost every week : i'll wear a wig! Here is a picture of myself :

Can't wait to hear your ideas! >w<
You would make a good Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell.

@ Fabulousity I have two for you xD I think you would make a great Pocahontas because of your eyes and cheekbones. You would also make a good Clare from Claymore.

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