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Originally Posted by Ororo Monroe View Post
I once saw a Jack Sparrow try to get a toddler to talk to him. He kept saying this like, "Hello, my pretty." Showing her a cursed coin and asking if she knew what it was. Meanwhile the mom holding the child was saying thinks like, "That's not the real Jack Sparrow. That's just someone dressed like him. Jack Sparrow is just a character; he's not real." At that last bit the child look at her Mom like the Mom was an idiot. The toddler never did talk but she kept smiling and giggling at Jack.
Aww that's so cute! I bet he was a really good Jack Sparrow
I've never seen another Jack Sparrow randomly before... only saw them at a con
That's really annoying that the mother would do that though, at least the kid didn't seem phased by it
I shall be impersonated as *Captain* Jack Sparrow and nothing less!

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