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Emerald City Comicon - Seattle, Wa March 1-3

Hey Everyone! I have searched all over this forum so I am hoping I'm not duplicating a thread for this con!

I was just wondering if anyone else was planning to attend and if you are cosplaying, who you are going as! This will be my first time attending any comic con so I am over the moon with excitement!

I am hopefully be going as New 52 Batgirl and Chandra Nalaar. My son is 14 months old so I'm hoping to make him a little Robin and Jace outfit to wear with me!

Here is the official website if you are interested!

cons for 2015: TBD

| edward elric [fullmetal alchemist] 0% | duo maxwell [gundam wing] 50% |
| barbara gordon: batgirl [new 52] 0% | chandra nalaar [magic the gathering] 10% |

| princess ariel's pink gown [the little mermaid] (planning) |
| sir alanna of pirate's swoop and olau [the song of the lioness series] (planning) |

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