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Originally Posted by Amethyst Nat View Post
I'm glad to hear you're all interested ! the problem it sounds like most of you will cosplay this on day 2, and thats when my friend and I were doing the voclaoid cosplay and the Vocaloid gathering is at 1:20. so if we did this, it would have to be in the morning like around 10 or 11. How about even for breakfast or somehting?
That hurts so much!! ;3; If everybody else is cosplaying Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright on Day 2 (Saturday), but you're cosplaying Vocaloid on that day, what DAY are you cosplaying as Professor Layton?

In any case, is it possible for you to switch out cosplays from Vocaloid to Professor Layton on Day 2?--Or is that too much to ask? I heard that most people would do light cosplays on Day 2, since it's so busy and crowd, it would be hard to host a gathering on that day.

Otherwise, I'll be more than happy to switch over my Professor Layton cosplay to Day 1, since everybody's gonna be there anyways--I would consider it a busy day for people to get their badges. Also, it'll be convenient if the gathering was hosted in early-to-late evening, around 2pm or even 3pm--those times would be great on Day 1 and even Day 2, since the day would be winding down! What do ya say, sounds good or what?
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