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Originally Posted by Amethyst Nat View Post
Well I was thinking of the layon cosplay on friday, but I don't know, since It was my friend who organized he group and asked me to cosplay with her. And I was really looking forward to the vocaloid gathering on saturday, and this Miku's outfit is not one to easily change out of, and I was going to wear it for the masquerade :S
But yes, that time on friday sounds good. But we'll see, theres still some things I have to figure out.
Just as I anticipated! That's sound great!
Hear that guys!!--Let's anticipate Day 1, Friday, around the evening~ TBA!!
((Getting so excited YAY!!))
Yes, hopefully this will work out for sure~ Be sure to communicate each day, time's running out and every update counts!! That's the key to this gathering~

Ah, as for your Vocaloid cosplay, I totally understand! You don't have to change out. Well, good luck with the Masquerade then~

Oooo, may I ask who's in your Professor Layton group?--Surely, I, Jean Descole, would complete this epic group!
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