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This Halloween I threw together a quick Rapunzel from Tangled for an event I was volunteering at. I had a long, blonde wig that I braided and got stuck flowers from the dollar store in and paired it with a leotard dress from a dance costume, and a pink corset.
I was painting faces and I heard a little girl dressed as a princess in line whisper to her mother, "Momma, is that the REAL Rapunzel?"
"Well, I don't know, sweety. I guess you'll have to wait and ask."
Once it was her turn she came over and sat on the chair. I turned to her and with my overly practiced, best Disney princess voice possible I say, "Oh why, hello there, little princess! What kind of face painting would you like?"
She squeals and yells "Mom! It IS the real Rapunzel! Can I get a picture with her?!"
I grab my frying pan from under the seat for a picture and then tell her all about my adventures of being outside the castle and being married to Eugene and how Pascal was hiding in the tree. She left and stopped by when she had to leave.
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