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It would be an honor to have you attend the festival this year jusdepomme. We always need help to fill up our panels with cosplayers willing to share their passion of their art. You can write to if you are interested to hold a panel.

We are also interested to have a few cosplayers as possible guests for the festival, so you can write to me directly at if you are interested in this option. I'm thinking maybe one local, one from Montreal and one outside of Quebec would be neat. I can't guarantee if just one or many will be selected, but I'd sure love to see lots of veterans such as yourself apply to encourage others to come and discover the cosplay aspect of our festival here in Quebec City.

There are also other positions available, so you can always contact if you want to get more involved as a volunteer throughout the festival, or if you want to sell a few things as an artist or dealer.

Oh, and you can also contact if you want to help promote the festival by distributing some of our flyers that we can send by mail.

There are tons of things people can do to get involved in this cultural event and any help is more than appreciated.
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