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Ok people! Pic of me in my avatar, currently planning an Ashe cosplay from LoL. About a fourth of the way done with it and so far it's going well. It's the most complex thing I've tried to do. I need a second (easy) cosplay to do for one of the other days of a con im attending in feb. Of course I'll need future ideas so anything will be helpful of course I have also previously done the carmelldansen girl for myself and my two friends, and this one guy commissioned me to do a semi complex costume in two weeks. Soo I can get stuff done quickly but nothing too complex. I'm open to wigs and crosplaying. I can sew relatively well....I think...

Thanks bunches :3

I'm in realitivly good shape. I gave birth in two months ago and have lost about half the weight already. The con I'm currently preparing for is in another two months, so I should be back to "normal" by then.

I'm 5'2", that's my natural hair and eye color in the pick, my hair is a little longer now (shoulder length) and I'm not opposed to dying it. Normally, I wear a size 5 pant and have a b+ cup bra that (with all the padding in the world can maaaybe become a c.

Ok I'm done...for real now haha
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