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Originally Posted by Darkdreamyr View Post
Still huge amounts at mine here in CA. Went to two stores today looking for the right color moleskin (still only got one of the two) and there's whole aisles of the stuff here.
Well, yes. Since it's a line of fabric there's a good long aisle or two of them. But it IS "no longer available online" so one would think that the warehouse/s don't have any in stock to even ship to stores on truck day. Which means, at the moment whether abundant or not, the stores have whatever they have and no more.

I hope they add more colors too. I sometimes have to go into the costume satins for more colors, but most of them are super shiny. I really like the casa collections since there's a range of shiny-ness, just not exactly a range of colors like the symphony broadcloth.
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