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For a tilt of this nature, you just turn the camera.

Or, shoot loose so you have room to crop, and rotate it in your post-processing software of choice (Lightroom, Photoshop, etc).

If you're talking about the effect of a tilt-shift lens - that's different than the "Dutch Tilt" style of composition being discussed in this thread. A tilt-shift lens was originally intended to help correct the focus and perspective errors that occur during certain types of shooting, for instance when shooting a tall building from ground level. They allow you to use a focal plane that's not parallel to the camera sensor. But, they can also be used to make an interesting portrait or other style of photo, again using a focal plane that's not parallel to the camera's sensor. They can also be used creatively to take a photo of a life-size person or scene, and use an odd focal plane to help give the impression that it's a photo of a toy-sized person or scene.

The latter effect can be emulated reasonably easily in Photoshop, *IF* you have an appropriate photo to start with. It won't work on every photo, of course.
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